About Us

Ralph’s first Porsche, the day he bought it. A 1970 911T
Ralph’s first Porsche, the day he bought it. A 1970 911T

As an automotive enthusiast, having grown up in sunny Miami, FL during the 80’s, I was surrounded by exotics everywhere I looked. Ferrari’s, Maserati’s (remember the Bi-Turbo?), Lamborghini’s and the like. However, there was something about the simplistic design of the 911 that I immediately fell in love with. After many years of dreaming about them, I was finally able to get one, a 1970 911T, which was covered in rust. Unfortunately, after pricing out parts, I owned that car for just under a week!

After that, I purchased a beautiful ’95 993. Again, the lack of a used parts market, forced me to sell. I didn’t give up though, as I immediately became the proud owner of a 1977 Turbo (do you see where this is going?). It wasn’t long before I decided that there had to be an alternative to new parts. I looked around, and couldn’t find a solution for used parts in my area, or the entire southeast for that matter, so I dove right in, bought a car, took it apart, and began selling the parts, mostly on the more popular enthusiast forums. Ten cars later, I figured I’d broaden my client base, and well, East Coast Classics was born.  Actually, it was originally PartsForYourPorsche.com, but my attorney made me change that. Quick!

Unlike traditional junkyards, which for the record, we are not a junkyard as I don’t think you can use the words junk and Porsche in the same sentence, we take pride in providing quality used parts, at fair prices, all in an effort to keep these automotive jewels on the road. Our company, although already 5 years old, may be new, but our passion for all things Porsche is not.

We look forward to providing you with years of service, and can’t wait to see where this long road will take us.