Fifteen52 Outlaw Wheels Now Available

We’re proud to announce that East Coast Classics is now an authorized dealer of Fifteen52 Outlaw Wheels.

New, but iconic… familiar, but brash; the Outlaw 001 is designed to stir each of those thoughts and more.

Introducing the Fifteen52 001 Outlaw

Developed by Fifteen52 and well known Porsche guy Magnus Walker, the Outlaw 001 takes the inspiration to a higher level.

Unlike so many replica designs currently on the market, this design also adds functional and aesthetic enhancements. More openings to the face of the wheel allow more avenues for brake heat to escape, and for those that are concerned about such things, those same extra openings serve to help show off upgraded rotors and calipers.

Custom built from forged 6061 billet aluminum centers and forged 6061 spun barrels, the 2-piece Outlaw 001 is as light as it is strong. From design to engineering to manufacturing to assembly, the Outlaw 001 is 100% American Made.

Available in diameters of 15″ to 18″, and a huge variety of widths and offsets, the 2-piece Outlaw 001 is ideally suited to work with 911 cars of almost any year and body style.

Also available is a 3-piece version of the Outlaw 001. Using the same quality materials and construction as the 2-piece version, and also 100% made in the USA, the 3-piece Outlaw will use separate outer and inner barrels bolted together by top-grade hardware. It will be available in diameters of 17″ to 22″ and almost any width and offset you could conceive.

The Outlaw 001 is available in a raw format for which the owner is responsible for final finishing; a single black, silver, or gold powder coat; or two-color options that employ different wheel spoke and rim finishes. Please check for pricing, as all three variations are priced differently.

Aside from the finishes available directly from Fifteen52, we can add the East Coast Classics touch to these, or any wheel you wish. Contact one of our sales associates for pricing info. Call toll free 1-844-229-2970.

Introducing the Forged Monoblock Outlaw 001

For 996/997/991/Cayman/Boxster owners, Fifteen52 createted an extra lightweight monoblock version of the Outlaw 001 wheel: the Monoblock 001.

Available in 19″, 20″ and 22″ sizing, the new forged Monoblock 001 maintains the retro spirit of the original two and three-piece 001, but adds a very modern twist that works extremely well on the newer Porsche cars.

Sleek and concave in appearance, these new Monoblock wheels are designed for maximum brake clearance, and the more open face design allows for those glorious Porsche yellow calipers and carbon ceramic rotors to shine through.

To order, please contact us directly for a custom quote toll free at 1-844-229-2970.

And remember…get out and drive!

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